Sunday, 5 August 2012

Welcome to Forum for Nigeria's Problems and Solutions!!!

This site was designed as an interactive forum to enable Nigerians to identify and express views on major aspects of problems bugging the Country. It is also an avenue to constructively suggest solutions to most of these problems.

The forum is at its primordial stage, and we are encouraging well-meaning Nigerians and non-Nigerians to make posts on the site. However, to ensure professionalism and decorum in postings, all main posts must be sent to the site administrator at the email: Once accepted for posting on the site, the author is contacted and acknowledged with a complementary token sum of N100 naira (one hundred naira)per accepted, preferably to be paid into his or her bank account. Accepted posts are published on the site with the author’s first name and town only. Site visitors are then free to comment and share views on the post. Posts deemed as inflammatory or character-assassinating will not be accepted.  

A prospective post may be centered on any of the listed aspects of the national problems (health care, entertainment (sports, movie industry, etc.), governance (elections, contracts, budgets etc.), education (scholarships, research funding, etc.), national security (terrorism, religious tolerance, etc.), infrastructure, roads, employment, tourism, corruption, human rights (press freedom, etc.), social welfare, salary, pensions, government agencies, etc.). This should be sent directly to the site administrator at the email above. On publishing, accepted posts will be on the appropriate section of the site. Posts may be slightly edited for grammatical/typographical errors, but the final version will be sent to the originating author for approval.

Benefit of the site is that, nationwide, matters/problems are well-publicised and suggestive solutions proffered, views are shared unbiased. Long term objective of the site is that the average Nigerian is fully aware of the problems facing the country, and as all will agree – the first step to solving any problem is to identify it and become fully aware of it…every other thing follows.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions on how to improve on the site. 

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